HC Deb 05 July 1842 vol 64 cc980-1
Lord Worsley

wished to ask a question of the right hon. Gentleman opposite, of which he had already given notice. He wished to know from the Secretary at War, whether a report had come under his observation that was in very general circulation as to the hon. Colonel Dundas having used language disrespectful to her Majesty. He wished to know whether the report he alluded to had come to the knowledge of the right hon. Gentleman, and whether any inquiry had been made into the truth of that report. He should be most happy to learn that such was not the case—that no such circumstance had occurred; but if, unfortunately, it should be so, he should then like to know what were the steps that the official authorities had taken in the matter.

Sir H. Hardinge,

in answer to the question put by the noble Lord, had to state, in reference to the hon. Colonel Dundas, that immediately upon the General Commanding-in-Chief becoming aware of the circumstance said to have occurred, called upon Colonel Dundas to furnish such an explanation as he might think it right to offer. Having given that explanation, the General Commanding in Chief felt bound to say, that Colonel Dundas had failed in absolving himself from the grave offence imputed to him of having expressed himself in terms disrespectful to her Majesty. Under these circumstances, the Commander-in-Chief felt it to be his duty to submit to her Majesty, that Colonel Dundas should be dismissed from his appointment as aide-de-camp to her Majesty, and further that Colonel Dundas should be removed from the command of the 83rd regiment, and placed upon the half-pay list. He had also to state that her Majesty's Government entirely concurred in this measure, and her Majesty had been pleased to signify her approval of the determination of the Commander-in-Chief.

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