HC Deb 07 February 1842 vol 60 c99

Bills. Reported,—Appropriation Acts Amendment.— 1° Designs Copyright.

Petitions presented. By Mr. Thorneley, from Liverpool, and other places, by Mr. Busfeild, from forty places in Lancashire, by Mr. A. Johnston, from Kilmarnock, and other places, by Mr. T. M. Gibson, from Manchester, by Mr. Wakley, from Finsbury, by Mr. Brotherton, from Sailors, and other places in Lancashire, by Mr. Villiers, from Westbury, and other places, by Sir George Staunton, from Gosport, and other places, by Mr. Macaulay, from Edinburgh, by Mr. Dennistoun, Mr. Ewart, and a number of other Members, from a great many places, for the Total Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Sir R. Bateson, Mr. E. Tennent, and Mr. Grogan, from Presbyterians in Ireland, for the legalization of their Marriage Ceremonies.—By Sir C. Napier, from Mr. Snooks, to investigate his plan to prevent the Collision of Ships.—By Lord Newry, from Spirit Dealers in Newry, for a revision of the Laws concerning Spirit Licences (Ireland). —From St. Mary, Ross, for Repeal of Union; from Cranbrook, for Exemption of Workhouses from Parochial Rates.