HC Deb 29 April 1842 vol 62 cc1251-2

NEW WRIT.—For Brighton, in the room of J. N. Wigney, Esq., Chiltern Hundreds.'

BILLS. Public.—1° Fines and Recoveries {Wales and Cheshire).

2° Parish Constables.

Private.—1 ° Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal (No. 2).

2° Forth Marine Insurance Company.

Reported.—Ardrossan Harbour; St. Philip's (Bristol) Bridge; Gosport Pier.

3°.and passed:—Granton Pier; Saundersfoot Railway; New Cross Roads; Kirkintilloch Roads (No. 1); Northern Coal Mining Company; Great North of England (Clarence and Hartlepool Junction) Railway (No. 1).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Shaw, Mr. Sergeant Jackson, and Mr. Young, from Lurgan, St. Mary's, Shandon, Cork, Sclull, Kilmacabea, Ross, Dromore, the Diocese of Kilmore, and other places, against the present System of Education (Ireland).—By Mr. Ormesby Gore, Mr. Ord, and Mr. Stansfield, from Attornies at Bridlington, Bridlington Quay, and Huddersfield, for the Repeal of the Stamp Duty on their Certificates.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from the Shoemakers of Marylebone, against any Reduction of the Duty on Foreign Leather, and Boots and Shoes.—By Mr. Wallace, from Greenock, against any Duty on the Exportation of Coals.—By Mr. O'Connell, from Castletown, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws—By Lord Robert Grovernor, from Chester, for the Introduction of a Clause that all Rates required for the use of Municipal Corporations shall be raised, levied, and collected separately from the Poor-rates.—By Mr. Hume, from certain Congregations of Freethinking Christians in St. John's-square, Clerkenwell, against the practice of taking Oaths.—By Lord Eliot, from the King's County, in favour of the Drainage (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Pendleton, and Capperal Hill, near Oldham, against the Employment of Females in Coal Mines. —By Mr. R. Godson. and Sir R. Peel, from Kidderminster, Paisley, and the Glasgow Conservative Operatives Association, in favour of the proposed Commercial Reforms and Financial Measures.—From Staines, and Bootle, against any further Grant to Maynooth College—From Corbay, for rendering Valid all Marriages solemnized by Presbyterian Ministers in Ireland between Members of the Established Church and Protestant Dissenters.—From Watford, Grimsby, Newport (Salop), St. Luke's, Roxburgh, and Berwick, against the Property Tax.—From Coggshall, Halsted, Colchester, and other places, against Reduction of the Duties on Seeds.—From Billinbro, Imham, Thurlby, Maidenhead, Edenham, and Wantage, against the Importation of Foreign Cattle.—From the Huntingdon Literary and Scientific Institution, for Exemption from Rates and Taxes.—From Maker, and St. John's, for Repeal of the Poor-law Amendment Act.— From the Central District of Finsbury, for the Redemption of the Tolls on Waterloo, and the other Metropolitan Bridges.—From the Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers at Glasgow, for Alteration of the method of Levying the Duty on Railroad Passengers.—From St. Mary's, Limerick, for Abolition of Ministers' Money (Ireland).— From Llanelly, Awliscombe, Honiton, and other places, for Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—From Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and other places, praying that Roman Catholics may be placed on a footing of perfect Equality in regard to their Civil Rights with the rest of her Majesty's subjects.