HC Deb 20 September 1841 vol 59 c613

On the Order of the Day for the House to resolve itself into a Committee of Supply being read,

Mr. Hawes

begged to ask a question of the hon. Baronet, the Member for the University of Oxford, whether it was his intention to renew this Session, or next Session, the motion which he made last Session of Parliament for an address to the Crown, praying for some provision for church extension.

Sir R. H. Inglis

said, that it was not his intention in the course of the present Session to renew the motion for church extension, of which he had given notice last Session of Parliament. With respect to any motion which might be made in another Session of Parliament, it was sufficient for him to postpone any answer, and request the House to postpone requiring it till that Session arrived.

Subject at an end.

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