HC Deb 02 June 1841 vol 58 c1044
Sir J. Y. Buller

moved the second reading of the Municipal Corporations Bill, which related to the rating of municipal property in or belonging to the city of Exeter.

Mr. Divett

moved, that the bill be read a second time this day three months.

The House divided on the original question:—Ayes93, Noes20: Majority73.

List of the AYES.
A'Court, Captain Heneage, E.
Aglionby, H. A. Hobhouse, T. B.
Baring, rt. hn. F. T. Holmes, hon. W. A'Court
Blackburne, I.
Blake, M. J. Holmes, W.
Blennerhassett, A. Hope, hon. C.
Bolling, W. Hope, G. W.
Broadley, H. Horsman, E.
Brotherton, J. Howard, P. H.
Bruges, W. H. L. Hughes, W. B.
Buck. L. W. Hurt, F.
Burr, H. Irton, S.
Buller, C. Jackson, Mr. Serjeant
Campbell, Sir J. Jones, J.
Cole, hon. A. H. Kemble, H.
Compton, H. C. Langdale, hon. C.
Courtenay, P. Lincoln, Earl of
Cresswell, C. Mackenzie, W. F.
Dugdale, W. S. Maclean, D.
Duncan, Viscount Monypenny, T. G.
Dundas, D. Morgan, C. M.
Eaton, H. J. Muskett, G. A.
Egerton, W. T. Norreys, Sir D. J.
Egerton, Sir P. Packe, C. W.
Elliot, hon. J. E. Palmerston, Viscount
Ewart, W. Parker, R. T.
Farnham, E. B. Patten, J. W.
Fielden, W. Perceval, Colonel
Ferguson, Sir R. A. Philips, M.
Filmer, Sir E. Philips, G. R.
Fleetwood, Sir P. H. Pigot, right hon. D.
Goulburn, rt hon. H. Pigot, R.
Grattan, J. Plumptre, J. P.
Greene, T. Pringle, A.
Greg, R. H. Rushbrooke, Colonel
Greig, D. Rutherfurd, rt. hn. A.
Handley, H. Scarlett, hon. J. Y.
Hawes, B. Seymour, Lord

Bill read a second time.