HC Deb 16 July 1840 vol 55 cc763-6

Mr. Labouchere moved the Order of the Day for going into Committee on the Customs. Acts. He proposed logo into committee pro forma, merely in order to introduce a bill, and he would defer his statement until a future stage.

Mr. Goulburn

objected to the course which the right hon. Gentleman proposed to take. He thought the right hon. Gentleman ought to state at once what modifications he proposed to make in the customs duties. It was most desirable that the country should be made acquainted with them. The more regular course would be for the right hon. Gentleman to move the schedule of duties in committee.

Mr. Labouchere

said, that was undoubtedly the proper course when it was proposed to increase any duties. But in the present case they did not propose to increase a single duty, only to reduce some duties.

Sir E. Knatchbull

objected to the introduction of so important a measure so late in the Session as the 16th of July. Serious injury might be sustained by the various interests in the country by the delay. In his own part of the country parties were suffering very severely from the uncertainty which existed with regard to the intentions of Government.

Mr. Labouchere

would at once state, that the only alteration in the existing duties that could at all affect the agricultural interest, was one on the duty on mustard seed and mustard flour.

House in Committee.

Acts read.

Resolution, "That the chairman be directed to move the House for leave to bring in a bill to amend and alter the laws relating to the Customs Duties," agreed to..

House resumed; Resolution reported; Bill ordered to be brought in.