HC Deb 30 May 1839 vol 47 cc1104-5
Sir James Graham

The patent of the King's printer of the Holy Scriptures in Scotland would expire on the 17th of July. That patent was the sole security for preserving an authentic version of the Scriptures; and as it was not, he understood, the intention of her Majesty's Ministers to renew the patent which was about to expire, the question which he to ask was, whether it was the intention of the Government to take any, and if any, what steps, to prevent interpolations, either through ignorance or design?

Lord J. Russeell

Her Majesty's Ministers did not intend to renew the patent for the exclusive monopoly of any individual or corporation; and by that course they would be enabled to circulate the Scriptures at the cheapest price. But at the same time that every possible freedom of circulation was secured for them, the Government were resolved to preserve the text of the Scriptures from corruption or interpolation, by means which he should take care to explain to the House on a future day, when the question came on for discussion.

Sir J. Graham

said, the patent would expire on the 17th July, and with it the existing security; and he hoped that the measure would be introduced as speedily as possible.

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