HC Deb 30 May 1839 vol 47 c1104

Bills. Read a first time:—Electors Removal.—Read a second time:—Custody of Infants.

Petitions presented. By Sir Robert Peel, Messrs. Wallace, Brotherton, and a great many other hon. Members, from an immense number of places, in favour of a Uniform Penny Postage.—By Messrs. Freshfield, Hodges, Greene, Packe, Hogg, Colquhoun, Palmer, Baines, Brocklehurst, Pease, Brotherton, W. E. Gladstone, Pakington, C. Wood, Chapman, Broadley, Christopher, Turner, Heath-cote, Lords Stanley, G. Somerset, Lennox, and Darlington, Sirs C. Styles, C. Lemon, C. Knightley, R. Peel, C. Burrell, G. Strickland, T. D. Acland, R. Inglis, E. Wilmot, Sergeant Jackson, Captain Wood, Colonel Sibthorpe, from an immense number of places, against any plan of National Education not founded on the Principles of the Established Church.