HC Deb 01 March 1839 vol 45 c1047
Mr. J. Jervis

brought up the Report of the Select Committee which had been directed to inquire into the appointment of the right hon. Charles W. W. Wynn to the office of Steward of the Lordship of Denbigh, which was read by the Clerk at the Table, and was to the following effect:— The Committee having heard evidence and fully considered the appointment which they were directed to investigate, have come to the following resolutions:—that the office of Steward to the Lordship of Denbigh is an office of profit held under the Crown, and that the right hon. Charles W. W. Wynn was appointed to the said office by her present Majesty; but that the said right hon. Charles W. W. Wynn did not accept the said office since his election as a Member of the present Parliament.

Mr. Jervis

said, it was due to the right hon. Gentleman that he should state, that the decision of the Committee had been unanimous; but he was also bound to say, and he believed he expressed the general opinion of the Committee, that there had been considerable irregularity and laxity in the office from which the patent issued. He should, therefore, move, that the report be printed, as it was his intention, as early as possible, to bring under the consideration of the House, the ante-dating of the patent by which the right hon. Gentleman held his office.

Report ordered to be printed.

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