HC Deb 13 June 1839 vol 48 c216

The order of the day for the House resolving itself into a Committee on this bill was read. On the motion, that the Speaker do now leave the chair,

Mr. Sheppard

moved, that it be an instruction to the Committee, to introduce the following amendment:—"And be it further enacted, that the judgment required by the beforesaid act, previous to a debtor's discharge, subjecting any property that may otherwise accrue to the debtor, at any period (exclusive of all assets, prospects, and claims set forth in his schedule), shall cease to be of effect beyond the term of three years from the date of the discharge of the debtor."

The Attorney-General

felt it his duty reluctantly to oppose the motion of the hon. Member for Frome. It must be remembered, that this was not a general bill to revise the law of imprisonment for debt, but merely a bill brought in for the specific purpose of doing away with the great grievance to newspaper proprietors, which compelled them to insert advertisements relating to insolvent debtors at 3s. each, without reference to the length to which those advertisements might extend.

Instruction withdrawn.

Bill went through the Committee; and to be reported.