HC Deb 09 July 1838 vol 44 c42

On the question that a sum of 35,900l. be granted for the purpose of defraying the expenses of Secret Service,

Mr. Williams

objected to so large a sum being expended without proper responsibility. He would propose, that it be reduced to 25,900l.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

denied, that there was a want of responsibility as regarded secret service money. It was mainly used for the purposes of the Foreign-office, and no portion of it was disbursed otherwise than by the authority of the Secretary of State, or the Under-Secretary, who declared upon oath the amount so expended, and that the same was for public uses. All sums privately expended in other offices were similarly sworn to. He thought it would be hard if the circumstance of England being a free country should deprive us of those advantages in the way of secret information which our rivals and opponents were always enabled to enjoy. He further observed, that the amount had been gradually reduced, and was this year lower than ever.

Mr. Hume

thought the example of other Governments had been too much followed in this matter, and the time had now arrived when secret service money should be dispensed with altogether. It was only a cloak for improper proceedings. He should not vote for its diminution, but against any grant whatever.

The Committee divided on the original motion: Ayes 111; Noes 13: Majority 98.

List of the AYES
Abercromby, G. Courtenay, P.
Acland, T. D. Crawford, W.
Ainsworth, P. Darby, G.
Alsager, Capt. Evans, G.
Baring, hon. W. Fitzroy, Lord C.
Barnard, E. G. Fleetwood, Sir P.
Barry, G. S. Gaskell, J. M.
Bateson, Sir R. Gladstone, W. E.
Blair, J. Grant, F. W.
Blake, W. J. Greene, T.
Blunt, Sir C. Greenaway, C.
Briscoe, J. I. Grimsditch, T.
Brocklehurst, J. Grimston, Viscount
Bruges, W. H. L. Grimston, hon. H.
Byng, G. Hawes, B.
Campbell, Sir J. Hawkes, T.
Carnac, Sir J. R. Hawkins, J. H.
Chapman, A. Hayter, W. G.
Childers, J. W. Heneage, G. W.
Clay, W: Hepburn, Sir T.
Clive, E. B. Hinde, J. H.
Clive, hon. R. H. Hobhouse, Sir J.
Cole, Lord Hobhouse, T. B.
Hodges, T. L. Rae, Sir W.
Hope, hon. C. Rice, E. R.
Hope, G. W. Rice, hon. T. S.
Horsman, E. Rickford, W.
Howard, P. H. Roche, W.
Hughes, W. B. Rolfe, Sir R. M.
Hurt, F. Rose, Sir G.
Hutton, R. Salwey, Col.
Inglis, Sir R. H. Sandon, Visct.
James, Sir W. C. Scarlett, hon. J. Y.
Kemble, H. Sheppard, T.
Langdale, hon. C. Sibthorp, Col.
Law, hon. C. E. Sinclair, Sir G.
Lefevre, C. S. Slaney, R. A.
Lefroy. right hon. T. Stewart, J.
Litton, E. Strutt, E.
Lockhart, A. M. Sugden, rt. hn. Sir E.
Lushington, Dr. Surrey, Earl of
Lushington, C. Tancred, H. W.
Lygon, hon. General Thompson, Alderman
Macnamara, M. Thornely, T.
Marshall, W. C. Troubridge, E. T.
Martin, T. B. Vivian, J. E.
Maule, hon. F. Ward, H. G.
O'Brien, W. S. White, A.
O'Ferrall, R. M. Wilbraham, G.
Ord, W. Williams, W. A.
Pakington, J. S. Wood, C.
Parker, J. Wood, G. W.
Patten, J. W. Wyse, T.
Pendarves, E. W. Yates, J. A.
Perceval, Colonel
Phillpotts, J. TELLERS.
Plumptre, J. P. Grey, Sir G.
Pusey, P. Steuart, R.
List of the Noes
Aglionby, H. A. Turner, W.
Blandford, Marg. of Villiers, C. P.
Bridgman, H. Walker, R.
Duke, Sir J. Wallace, R.
Hector, C. J. Warburton, H.
Hindley, C. TELLERS.
Jervis, S. Hume, J.
O'Connell, D. Williams, W.

Vote agreed to.