HC Deb 06 February 1837 vol 36 cc202-4
Mr. Shaw

, in pursuance of the notice which he had given, rose to move for the appointment of a Select Committee, to inquire into the practice of creating and registering Fictitious Votes in Ireland, and in doing so, the hon. and learned Gentleman said, that he freely admitted that abuses had prevailed on all sides, with reference to the creation of fictitious votes. He did not think it necessary to enter into any lengthened statement at that late hour of the night, seeing what had been the feeling expressed by the House on a former evening.

Viscount Morpeth

said, that after what appeared to have been the sense of the House the other night, it would be useless on his part, to offer any opposition to the appointment of this Committee. The in- tention, he presumed was, that the proceedings should be the same in both countries. He would, however, suggest to the hon. and learned Gentleman, the propriety of altering the words of the motion thus: -"That a Select Committee be appointed to inquire how far the objects of the Reform Bill have been defeated in the registration of voters in Ireland."

Mr. Henry Grattan

was much astonished that the hon. and learned Gentleman should not have entered, at some length, into the grounds upon which he intended to proceed, as had been done on a former similar occasion by the hon. Member for Cockermouth.

Mr. Hodgson Hinde

believed, that the hon. Gentleman who had last addressed the House was, perhaps, the only Member who would have expressed disappointment at the hon. and learned Gentleman not entering into a long speech, at that hour of the night.

Committee appointed.