HC Deb 14 June 1836 vol 34 c539

On the motion of Lord J. Russell, the House went into the Committee on the Marriages Bill.

On Clause 30 being put,

Mr. Pryme

objected to it, as creating doubts as to the validity of marriages, and imposing difficulties in the way of establishing the legitimacy of children.

Dr. Lushington

thought his hon. Friend misconceived the scope of the clause, the object of which was to confine the operation of the law (concerning invalid marriages) to as narrow a circle of cases as possible.

Dr. Nicholls

thought the present law as to annulling marriages very objectionable, but he did not think it possible to omit the clause. It might, however, be advantageously modified, and he would lend his assistance to improve it on bringing up the Report.

Clause agreed to.

The remaining clauses were also agreed to, and the House resumed.

Bill to be reported.