HC Deb 15 May 1835 vol 27 cc1147-8

On the first Resolution, that 22.700l. should be granted to his Majesty, to defray the allowances and expenses of the Revising Barristers under the Reform Bill,

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, that he wished to take this opportunity to express a hope that when the Bill for amending the Registration Act should be brought forward, a provision would be made to enable the Government to pay the revising Barristers in some mode * Hansard, vol. xxvi. p. 693. different from that of a vote in a Committee of Supply. This was very desirable, inasmuch as the Revising Barristers were often put to great expense in the discharge of their duties, which, according to the present mode of paying them, was not refunded till a long time afterwards.

Mr. Jervis

thought that something should be done to lessen the charge which the country now sustained under the Registration system. The charge was much more than adequate to the duties performed.

Mr. Hume

begged to suggest whether, instead of employing 60 or 70 Revising Barristers, differing materially in the degrees of their qualifications for the duties they had to perform, it would not be better to employ five or six able and intelligent men to go through the country and do all the business.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

hoped, as his noble Friend, the Secretary of state for the Home Department, was not present, the hon. Gentleman would not introduce a discussion on this subject.

The Resolution agreed to.