HC Deb 12 May 1835 vol 27 c1025
Mr. Hume

wished, on the Petition from Glasgow for a Reform of the Scotch Universities, to put a question to the right hon. Baronet below him (Sir R. Peel), and also to the right hon. Gentleman opposite. A commission was issued by a former Government, of which the right hon. Baronet was a member, to inquire into the state of the Universities in Scotland. The Report of that Commission had been lying on the Table for five or six years, and, to the great regret of the people of Scotland, no notice had been taken of it by any Government during that period. Tie wished to know if any measure had been taken by the late Government with which the House was not acquainted on the subject, and if it were, the intention of right hon. Gentlemen opposite to bring it under discussion?

Sir Robert Peel

said, that the late Government had adopted no measure on the subject referred to. They had however, proceeded to take the Report of the Commissioners into consideration, and they had intended in a great degree to adopt their suggestions. It would be necessary, however that some assistance should be provided by the Legislature towards effecting the proposed improvement.

Mr. Hume

hoped, that the right hon. Gentleman opposite would follow up what had been done by the late Government in the matter.

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