HC Deb 02 June 1835 vol 28 cc368-9
Mr. Arthur Trevor

presented a Petition from Durham in favour of the Irish Church.

Mr. Pease

took the opportunity of saying, that not wishing to hold his seat in the House, in opposition to the opinions of the majority of his constituents, he had been most anxious to ascertain under what circumstances the petition presented the other night, by the hon. Member from Durham, in which some Members of that House were charged with perjury, and a majority of it with high treason, had been got up. With a view, therefore, of ascertaining the real feelings of his constituents on the subject, he had written to them, and had received an answer which he would now read. The answer stated that the petition had been got up in a "a very sly way," principally by the clergy; that it had been carried from house to house for signatures, and that half of those who put their names to it, were now ready to subscribe a counter petition. He (Mr. Pease) had produced this letter in order to exonerate himself, as he was convinced that a majority of the electors were anxious for the appropriation clause, on the ground that it was absolutely necessary for the peace of Ireland.

Mr. Arthur Trevor

felt called upon to make one remark. It was asserted that the petition had been got up through the instrumentality of the clergy, and he did not pretend to deny it; but he was bound to add, that he had been given distinctly to understand, that not a single individual who affixed his name to the petition, was ignorant of the nature of it. It was also fit for him to observe, that as far as his information extended, there was a strong feeling regarding the appropriation clause throughout the county of Durham. He had been furnished with ten other petitions against it from the Northern Division of Durham, but he should not present them until he saw one or other of the hon. Members for that part of the county in his place. He was not desirous of proceeding in any underhand way, and courted the observation of any party.

Petition laid on the Table.

Several Petitions were presented by Viscount Ebrington, Colonel Evans, and Mr. E. Lytton Bulwer, and other Members in favor of the Vote by Ballot.

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