HC Deb 09 July 1834 vol 24 c1336

Bill. Read a third time:—Central Criminal Court.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HERBERT, Sir JAMES SCARLETT, Mr. POLLOCK, Mr. BYNG, Mr. PLUMPTRE, Mr. J. BULLER, Mr. G. F. YOUNG, Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE, Mr. GORE LANGTON, Mr. H. FELLOWES, and Sir C. LEMON, from a considerable Number of Places,—for Protection to the Established Church.—By Mr. POLLOCK, Mr. COOPER, Mr. WILES, Mr. WARBURTON, Mr. CHILDERS, Mr. G. ROBINSON, Mr. W. WHITMORE, the ATTORNEY GENERAL, Sir EDWARD CODRINGTON, Major HANDLEY, and Sir H. WILLOUGHBY, from several Places,—against the Sale of Beer Act Amendment Bill.—By Mr. P. SCROPE, Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, and Mr. DUGDALE,—in favour of the Bill.—By Mr. PLUMPTRE, from Brighton, against compelling Protestant Soldiers to attend Catholic Ceremonies.—By Mr. R. WALLACE, from Greenock, for the Abolition of Impressment, and against the Merchant Seamen's Registration Bill; and by Mr. G. F. YOUNG, from South Shields, with the same Prayer.—By Mr. EWING, from Glasgow, for Encouragement to Mechanics' Institutions.—By Colonel LEITH HAY, from Elgin, to check the Clandestine Emigration of Debtors.—By Colonel LEITH HAY, and the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from the Presbytery of St. Andrew's, and other Places, for Supporting the Church of Scotland.—By Mr. R. WALLACE, from Greenock, for the Amendment of the Law of Entail (Scotland); from Kilmarnock, for the Vote by Ballot; from Paisley, for Pardon to the Dorsetshire Labourers; and from Greenock, to take bonded Flour out of the Warehouse to convert it into Biseuit.—By Mr. H. FELLOWES, and Mr. WILKS, from Dissenters of Uffculme, and the Tower Hamlets,—for Relief.—By Mr. FORSTER, Mr. BAILLIE, and the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from certain Friendly Societies,—against the Friendly Societies' Act Amendment Bill.—By the ATTORNEY GENERAL, and the LORD ADVOCATE, from the Writers to the Synod and the Solicitors of the Supreme Court, Edinburgh,—against the Attorneys' Tax (Scotland).—By the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from the Shawl Manufacturers of Edinburgh, for Reciprocity with France in the Shawl Trade.—By Mr. CHILDERS, from Strathum-cum-Thetford, against the Tithe Commutation Bill; and from Whittlesea, for an Inquiry into the Causes of Drunkenness.—By Sir R. PRICE, from Prisoners in the King's Bench, for the Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt.—By Mr. HOSKINS, from Ross (Herefordshire) for giving Poor-Laws to Ireland.—By Mr. ROBINSON, from Eversham, to tax Property for the Payment of the National Debt.—By Mr. LEFROY, from several Places in Ireland, for Protection to the Established Church of that Country; and from Kilhican, to revoke the Church Commission.—By Mr. FELLOWES, from Ashlead, against the Claims of the Dissenters.—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from Edinburgh for the Amendment of the Reform of Parliament Act (Scotland).—By Sir WILLIAM RAE, from the Dean and Faculty of Advocates, against the Bankrupt (Scotland) Bill; and by Mr. EWING, from Glasgow, in favour of this Bill.