HC Deb 12 February 1833 vol 15 c559

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Alderman WOOD, Returns of the Growth and Exportation of Hops and Malt.—On the Motion of Mr. FINN, the Number and Expense of the Constabulary Police of Ireland, during the last three years, distinguishing the Number of Catholics.—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, Accounts relating to Elections under the Reform Bill.—On the Motion of Mr. MATTHIAS ATTWOOD, an Account of the Sums paid in and drawn for the Trustees of Savings Banks and Friendly Societies in Great Britain and Ireland, during the last twelve Months; and of the Monthly Amount of the Sums paid in and paid out by the Commissioners for the Redemption of the Public Debt; an Account of Savings Banks, from the 28th of January, 1832, to the latest period they can be made out.—On the Motion of Mr. GOULBURN, an Account of all Benefices in Ireland in which Divine Service according to the forms of the United Church of England and Ireland has not been performed for the last three years.

petitions presented. By Mr. GILLON, from Falkirk, for the Repeal of the Duty on Soap.—By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from London; by Mr. DUNLOP, from Port Glasgow and Newark; and by Mr. BRISCOE, from Farnham, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.