HC Deb 12 February 1833 vol 15 c559
Dr. Lushington

rose to present a Petition signed by upwards of 1,000 individuals of the Jewish persuasion, setting forth that the petitioners had been for a long series of years subject to certain disabilities and grievances; that they had from time to time applied to the House to have them removed; but that, in consequence of the attention devoted to the measure of Reform, they had not yet obtained the interference of the House; that their brethren of the same persuasion in Denmark, Belgium, and other parts of Europe, and in the United States of America and the colonies, had been relieved from similar disabilities and grievances, and had been restored to equal rights with their fellow-men; and praying, therefore, for the interference of the House to procure for the petitioners a like removal and relief. The hon. and learned Member said, that the petition should have been presented by the hon. member for Finsbury (Mr. R. Grant); and he (Dr. Lushington) was informed that it was the intention of that hon. Member to apply for leave to bring in a Bill for the purpose of carrying into effect the prayer of the petitioners.

Mr. O Connell

entirely concurred in the object of the petition, and hoped that the day would speedily arrive, when all things tending to restrict the progress of opinion would be removed.

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