HC Deb 16 July 1832 vol 14 cc427-8
Mr. Baring

begged to observe, that although he felt that the Bill he had introduced, called the Privilege of Parliament Bill, would be extremely useful, yet, considering the advanced state of the Session, the great press of public business which existed, as well as the state of the health of the metropolis, he feared he should not be able to get it through this Session. It was his intention on Wednesday to move that the Order of the Day for the Committee be discharged, in order to withdraw it for the present year. If not irregular, he would then do so.

The Speaker

having intimated that the hon. Member might then make his motion, he moved accordingly, that the Order of the Day for the committal of the Bill be postponed to the 1st of October.

Lord Althorp

agreed with his hon. friend, that it would be impossible to get the Bill through at the present stage of the Session. As the subject had been touched upon, he would avail himself of the present opportunity to ask of the courtesy of the House, to allow the Government busi- ness precedence upon Wednesdays, until the end of the Session. This would give an additional order day every week, and most materially expedite the public business that remained undisposed of.

Mr. Portman

wished to know whether, after two years' waiting, he might not be allowed to go on with the Highways' Bill?

Lord Althorp

said, he thought it would be impracticable to get it through the Lords this Session.

Mr. John Campbell

wished to take that opportunity of saying, that he would no press the Registration Bill this Session He was happy to say, that the Committee to whom the subject had been referred had this day, with a few doubts and difficulties, reported in favour of registration He meant on Wednesday to move the second reading of the Bill pro forma, and its committal, for the purpose of introducing a few amendments and alterations. He would not pledge any hon. Member to support the Bill, and the country would have sufficient time to consider the merits of the proposed measure.

Mr. Baring's Motion agreed to.

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