HC Deb 16 July 1832 vol 14 c427

Petitions presented. By Mr. JOHN HOPE, from five Flaxspinning Mills in Scotland, against the Factories Regulation Bill.—By Mr. THICKNESSE, from Wigan, against the Vagrant (Scotland and Ireland) Removal Bill.—By Mr. HEYWOOD, from Pilkington and Manchester, in favour of the Ministerial Plan of Education for Ireland.—By Mr. O'CONNOR, from Cloonacool, for the Abolition of Tithes.—By Mr. HUME, from Belfast, for an Inquiry into the Practice of the Admiralty Court; and from the Merchants and Manufacturers of Airdrie, for a Clause in the Stage Coach BUI to exempt Carriages propelled by Steam from its operation.—By Colonel PERCEVAL, from Sir Harcourt Lees, against the Irish Reform Bill.—By Mr. DUDLEY RYDER, from Tuxford, East Retford, and Blunham, for the better Observance of the Sabbath Day.