HC Deb 27 February 1832 vol 10 cc764-5
Mr. O'Connell

rose to move for some Returns connected with the operation of the Alien Act. A Polish Count, named Joseph Napoleon Czapski, had been committed by the Magistrates of Police in Dublin for the non-payment of a fine of 50l. inflicted upon him for an alleged infringement of the Alien Act. It was one of the provisions of that Act, that the form of declaration for foreigners in Ireland should be made out by the Chief Secretary for Ireland, and no authority was given to his deputy to perform that duty. But it so happened, that when M. Czapski went to the Alien-office there was no Chief Secretary in Ireland; indeed, there had been none there for almost a year and a half. The Polish gentleman informed Mr. Kemp, whom he saw at the Alien-office, that he intended to remain in Ireland only a few days, and he was told by Mr. Kemp that he had acted properly, and need not give himself any further trouble about the business. In consequence, however, of the hospitality which he experienced, he stayed in Dublin longer than he at first anticipated, and then his Majesty's Attorney General for Ireland thought fit to prosecute him for a breach of the Alien Act, and got him fined to the amount of 50l. He certainly could not help feeling indignant, that the same hospitality which the unfortunate Poles had received from every country in Europe should not have been extended to them in Ireland. He concluded by moving that there be laid before the House a copy of any conviction made by the Magistrates of the head police-office in Dublin within the last five weeks.

Lord Althorp

said, that he was not in possession of sufficient information to enable him to give any opinion on the case stated by the hon. and learned Gentleman.

Mr. Leader

thought it but fair to say, that such was the feeling of the people of Dublin in favour of the unfortunate individual whose name had been just mentioned, that a subscription was about to be raised to defray the fine, should Government persevere in the intention of inflicting it.

Return ordered.

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