HC Deb 15 August 1832 vol 14 c1399

Lord Althorp moved, that the Amendments made by the Lords in this Bill be agreed to.

Mr. Ruthven

again protested against this Bill, and he also took that opportunity to protest against the doctrine lately attributed to the Lord Chancellor, that the Habeas Corpus Act could be suspended in Ireland at the mere dictum of the executive, and without application to Parliament on the subject. Such a doctrine, he said, was at variance with constitutional law, common law, and common sense. It was a doctrine, too, to which the expressed opinion of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland was directly opposed. The hon. Member also condemned, in strong terms, the language attributed to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland at the late interview of his Excellency with the Cork deputation, on which occasion his Excellency was represented to have said, "One of those parties I have put down, and you want to mount and bestride them; but that shall not be, for I will master you both." He thought that such language was not the fittest that could be employed by the King's representative in Ireland.

Amendments agreed to.

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