HC Deb 28 June 1831 vol 4 c411

Bills brought in. By Lord HOWICK, to amend the Act, 14th Geo. 3rd, relative to the Administration of Justice in Canada. By Mr. SLANEY, for the better rating of Tenements, under A certain Annual Value. By Mr. SPRING RICE, to explain and amend two Acts, 34th and 38th Geo. 3rd, relating to double Assessments of the Land Tax.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. PIGOTT, of the various Rates of Duties levied upon British produce imported into Foreign Countries, pointing out such Articles as are prohibited:— On the Motion of Mr. RUTHVEN, all Sums bequeathed to the Poor of Ireland, of which the Corporations have been constituted Guardians, with all the particulars attending them:—On the Motion of Sir W. B. FOLKES, all Criminal Informations filed in the King's Bench against Magistrates, from 1st January, 1820, to December 30th, 1850:—On the Motion of Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, Stamp Duties paid on Marine and Fire Insurances:—On the Motion of Mr. POULETT THOMSON, of the quantity of Lead, and Lead Ore imported, and from whence, from 1st January, 1850, to 1st January, 1851, with the amount of the Duty received; also, of Lead, and Lead Ore exported from the United Kingdom, from 1st January, 1830, to 1st January, 1831: distinguishing the Countries to which it was sent.

Petition presented. By Mr. CLIVE, from Hereford, in favour of the Deer Act.