HC Deb 28 June 1831 vol 4 cc411-2
The Lord Advocate

said, he wished to mention a circumstance which most nearly affected the rights of a Gentleman who had been elected a Member of that House. The Gentleman he alluded to had been elected for the town of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, and had been returned to that House under the name of "John Hope Vere, of Craigie Hall," when, in fact, his real name was James Joseph Hope Vere. While the mistake existed unconnected, the Gentleman in question could not take his seat; and it therefore became necessary to mention the matter to the House, that their pleasure might be taken upon it. He (the Lord Advocate) was perfectly able to speak to the fact, that this was the Gentleman who had been returned for the place in question, and there were many other hon. Members equally able to give their testimony to the same point.

The Speaker

said, that all the House required in such cases was the proof necessary to indentify the Gentleman applying to the House with the Gentleman who had been elected. That proof, it seemed, was abundant in the present instance, not only from the knowledge of Members of that House and of others, but from the description of the residence which, in the return, exactly answered to that of the hon. applicant; and residence was a most important part of description, especially with respect to Scotch Gentlemen, who were as often known by the names of their residences as of their families. Under these circumstances the course would be, upon sufficient identification of the Member, to call the Clerk of the Crown to the Table, and direct him to amend the return. Ordered accordingly.

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