HC Deb 22 June 1831 vol 4 c254
Mr. C. W. Wynn

observed, that he had, in the last Session of Parliament, moved a Resolution which had a reference to the privileges of the House. That Resolution related to Bills containing pecuniary penalties or forfeitures, which might be returned from the House of Lords to that House with amendments. He now begged leave to move the same Resolution —namely, "That, in any Bill which, having passed the House of Lords, shall be sent down to this House for their concurrence, or in any Bill which, having passed this House, shall be returned by the Lords with Amendments, it shall appear that any pecuniary penalty or forfeiture is thereby imposed, varied, or taken away, the Speaker shall, before the second reading of such Bill or Amendments, report to the House his opinion whether the object thereof be to impose, vary, or take away, any pecuniary charge or burthen on the subject; or whether the same relates only to the punishment or the orevention of offences; and the House shall, there upon, determine whether it may be expedient in such particular case, to insist upon the exercise of their privilege to originate all such provisions respecting pecuniary penalties or forfeitures."

Resolution agreed to, as a Standing Order.