HC Deb 29 July 1831 vol 5 cc520-1
Mr. H. L. Bulwer

presented a Petition from Coventry, complaining of the slow progress of the Reform Bill. He said, that he felt much satisfaction in presenting the petition, because it proved the incorrectness of the assertions which had been made by some hon. Members, that the people out of doors ceased to feel any deep interest with regard to the Reform Bill. The petition was brought up and read. It complained of the improper and shameful obstructions being opposed to the progress of the Reform Bill by a minority of the House, and prayed that some means might be adopted to hasten the passing of the Bill.

The Speaker said, that the petition could not be received, because its terms were not respectful towards the House; and the hon. Member would not be doing his duty, if he persisted in presenting it to the House.

Mr. H. L. Bulwer

would immediately bow to the decision of the Speaker, as the language of the petition was considered by him disrespectful, and withdraw it. The petition had been placed in his hands, because the petitioners were desirous of preventing delay in passing the Bill to which it referred.

Sir Charles Forbes

was not aware of any unfair obstructions thrown in the way of passing the Bill in that House. The petition itself, indeed, was an obstruction, as it occupied their time.

The Speaker

wished to stand fair with the hon. Member, who had a right to express his opinion as to the course he desired to pursue, and to say he agreed with the prayer of any petition he presented; but that was not quite sufficient; it was also his duty to ascertain that the petition was decently worded, which was not the case at present.

Mr. H. L. Bulwer

had not attended to its peculiar wording, but had merely stated its object.

Petition withdrawn.