HC Deb 29 July 1831 vol 5 cc519-20

In consequence of Mr. White, who voted at the Dublin Election, having been chosen by ballot as one of the Committee to try the Election Petition, a fresh ballot was on Thursday ordered for this day; previous to which, however, a long debate took place, as to whether the first ballot was vitiated by the above hon. Member being one of its number.

Mr. O'Connell moved, that the eleven Members drawn yesterday for trying the Dublin Election Petition be called in and sworn. On this Motion a long discussion ensued, during which strangers were excluded, A division took place, when there appeared—Ayes 80; Noes 100—Majority 20.

A new Committee was ballotted for.

List of the AYES.
Astley, Sir J. D. Lennox, Lord W.
Benett, John Lennox, Lord G.
Blount, E. Littleton, E.
Bodkin, J. J. Macdonald, Sir J.
Bradshaw, R. H. Macnamara, William
Bradshaw, J. Marjoribanks, S.
Brownlow, Charles Maule, Hon. W.
Browne, John Mangles, J.
Browne, Dominick Milton, Lord
Bulwer, H. L. Norton, Charles F.
Burdett, Sir F. O'Connell, M.
Burke, Sir John O'Ferrall, M.
Callaghan, D. Paget, T.
Calcraft, Granby Palmer, General
Campbell, W. F. Parnell, Sir Henry
Chapman, Colonel Polhill, Captain
Chichester, Colonel Ponsonby, Hon. G.
Coote, Sir C. H. Protheroe, E.
Crampton, P. C. Ruthven, E.
Cumming, Sir Wm. Scott, Sir W.
Dawson, Alexander Sheil, R. L.
Denison, W. J. Smith, Vernon
Doyle, Sir J. M. Stanley, Lord
Ellice, E. Strutt, E.
Evans, De Lacy Thicknesse, R.
Ewart, W. Torrens, Colonel
Fitzroy, Lord Charles Tufton, Hon. H.
Forbes, Sir C. Venables, Alderman
Fox, Colonel. Walker, C. A.
Hort, Sir William Weyland, Major
Hudson, John Warburton, H.
Hume, Joseph White, Samuel
Hunt, H. Whitmore, Wm. W.
Johnston, Andrew Westenra, Hon. H.
Kemp, T. R. Wilks, J.
Kennedy, Thomas F. Wood, Alderman
Killeen, Lord Wood, John
Lambert, Henry TELLERS.
Lane, Fox, Colonel Duncannon, Lord
Leader, N. P. O'Connell, Daniel.
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