HC Deb 18 July 1831 vol 4 c1446
Lord Althorp

moved, this Bill be read a third time.

Mr. Courtenay

had several objections to the Bill, which, however, bore more upon the subject of Pensions in general, than this Bill in particular. He thought, he should be able to shew, at a proper opportunity, that the reduction of salaries proposed by the present Ministry had been unwise. He would not further oppose the bill, but begged to inquire of the noble Lord, if he intended to submit any proposition to the House, for carrying into effect the reduction of salaries recommended by the report of a Committee presented in April last.

Lord Althorp

could not at present answer the question of the right hon. Gentleman, as he was wholly unprepared for it.

Mr. Hume

was sure, that, taking into consideration the salary of the Master of the Mint, and the duties he had to perform, he was not deserving of much consideration, or entitled to expect much. He had long formed an opinion, that persons employed in public offices should be allowed, while they were able to work, sufficient to enable them to maintain themselves when they were no longer capable of performing their duties.

Bill read a third time, and passed.