HC Deb 18 July 1831 vol 4 cc1446-7
Mr. Poulett Thomson

said, several Members, who were not then present, had determined to oppose the Bill; in their absence, he thought it ought to be postponed. He himself did not entertain a favourable opinion of it, but he believed it might be improved in a Committee. The Bill was unknown in Ireland and Scotland. If his hon. friend would consent to omit these two countries for the present, and in the meantime have its contents circulated, he could have no objection to its going formally into a Committee. If this could not be done, he must suggest that it be postponed to a future day.

Mr. Hobhouse

was anxious the Bill should be allowed to go into a Committee, even for a few minutes, and he would then be ready to attend to the suggestions of his hon. friend.

Mr. Maberly

said, this was a perfectly new enactment for Ireland and Scotland, and it was now too late to go into it. These countries must be struck out, and the Bill proceeded with as regarded England only. If the hon. member for Westminster intended to proceed with it, several Members from Scotland were anxious to have an opportunity of discussing its details, and if it was likely to be of any benefit to that country, they would be most ready to adopt it.

Mr. Benett

could affirm, that great apprehensions were entertained of the measure in several parts of the country. He had received several applications from those interested, to transmit the Bill to them, that they might examine its details. As yet he had received no information in return. He would not object to the Bill going formally into a Committee, but he must suggest the propriety of not proceeding further until their constituents had apprized them whether any of the details were considered objectionable.

An Hon. Member could declare, that in Scotland great alarm had been felt at the introduction of the Bill; it was considered very injurious to persons engaged in the trade which would be affected by it. He must, therefore, join with other hon. Members to request a further delay, and for an opportunity of amply discussing the measure.

Bill reported, and to be printed.