HC Deb 31 August 1831 vol 6 cc953-4

The next question was, that 1,100l. for the Salaries of the Commissioners of Public Works, for half a year, ending January, 1832, be granted.

Mr. George Dawson

said, as this was a new establishment, he wished to have some explanation of the duties attached to it, and who the Commissioners were, and for what purposes they were appointed.

Mr. Spring Rice,

in answer, said, these Commissioners were to perform the duties of the General Post Office Board—and the superintendence of mail-coach roads, for which 600,000l. had been expended; they would also discharge the duties heretofore performed by the Board of Fisheries, the double duties of the Board of Inland Navigation, and the duties of the Board of Works, besides the superintendence of other public departments.

Mr. George Dawson

begged to be informed, whether superannuation allowances were to be given to the suppressed Commissioners of the Boards of Inland Navigation and Works, because that would form a material item in the expenses?

Mr. Stanley,

in reply, said, the Government did not intend to give superannuation allowances to the Commissioners of Inland Navigation, as that Board had only been appointed for temporary purposes—the Secretary had been employed in another office as Commissioner, and with regard to the Board of Works, two Commissioners would receive superannuation allowances, which would not cause much additional expense.

Mr. Maurice O'Connell

recommended the formation of piers for the convenience of the Irish fisheries.

Mr. Dixon

said, as so many propositions had been made for the benefit of Ireland, he must notice, that the Highlanders of Scotland were very much distressed, from, the decline in the kelp trade, and he hoped their case would be considered, as well as others of which they heard so much night after night. He had no doubt, that there was much distress in Ireland, but he regretted to say it was not confined to that country; he hoped, therefore, Members intended to vote a sum of money for the relief of the Highlanders.

Question agreed to. The House resumed.