HC Deb 31 August 1831 vol 6 cc954-5

Mr. Spring Rice moved the further consideration of the Report on the Game Bill.

Colonel Sibthorp

described the Bill to be exceedingly unjust, and called for some further delay; it was not fair to bring it on after one o'clock in the morning.

Mr. Spring Rice

said, any amendments that hon. Gentlemen had to propose might be brought forward at the third reading of the Bill, and it was very important the Bill should not be delayed, as it was anxiously expected by the public—the principle had been agreed to by all parties; except by the hon. Gentleman.

Colonel Sibthorp

said, if the hon. Gentleman persevered in his motion, he would give all the opposition in his power on the third reading.

The Report taken into consideration.

Mr. Spring Rice

proposed a clause, but if there was any objection to it now, he would bring it up on the third reading; the object was, that when trespassers were found on land, in possession of game, the legal owners or their servants might take possession of it.

Mr. Maurice O'Connell

said, they would expose the gamekeepers, by this clause, to the danger of taking what they could have no right whatever to.

Mr. Dixon

remarked, in answer, that it would be very hard if the owner of the game should not repossess himself of it, because the poacher might have robbed other persons also.

Amendment agreed to, and Bill, as amended, to be engrossed.