HC Deb 29 August 1831 vol 6 cc771-2
The Speaker

said, he had received his Majesty's commands to inform the House, that his Majesty had been pleased to order that a gallery should be prepared in the Abbey of Westminster, for the accommodation of the Members of the House of Commons at the ceremony of the Coronation, appointed to take place on the 8th of September. It further appeared to his Majesty that it would be in- convenient for the House to take any part in the proceedings upon that occasion.

Lord Althorp moved, that a Select Committee be appointed to confer with his Majesty's Surveyor on the subject of the accommodation that it might seem necessary to provide for the Members of that House in going to and returning from the Abbey of Westminster.

Mr. Hume

hoped, that the Committee would not be led into unnecessary expense. From what had fallen from Members of that and of another House, there was manifestly a strong desire to drive his Majesty's Ministers into expenses for processions and exhibitions. He hoped, that an estimate would be laid on the Table of the House before any expense whatever should be incurred.

Lord Althorp

said, that an estimate should be laid upon the Table to-morrow, and that the attendance of the Members in Westminster Abbey would not occasion any additional expense.

Committee appointed.