HC Deb 29 August 1831 vol 6 cc772-3

Mr. Spring Rice moved the Order of the Day, for the House to resolve itself into a Committee, of Supply.

Mr. Alderman Wood

hoped, that Government would have allowed him precedence this day for the second reading of the Steam Vessel Bill, which was a very important one, and which he proposed to refer to a Committee up-stairs. Would the Government allow him to move the second reading of it now?

Mr. Wilks

said, that such a bill must not be allowed to be read a second time as a matter of course, but that a time ought to be appointed to discuss it.

Mr. Bernal

agreed that the Bill was a very important one, but was afraid that he and the worthy Alderman should not agree as to the point wherein the importance of it lay. The worthy Alderman was very much mistaken if he supposed, that such a bill could be allowed to pass sub silentio on the second reading. The worthy Alderman must not deceive himself and others with the supposition that this bill was to go to a Committee up-stairs as a matter of course.

Mr. Irving

concurred in what had fallen from the hon. member for Rochester, and said, he had reason to believe, that the great body of persons concerned in steamboats were opposed to the Bill.

Question again put, that, the Order of the Day for the Committee on Supply be read.

Mr. Alderman Wood

said, he would take that opportunity of replying to the hon. member for Rochester.

Mr. Spring Rice rose to order. The Steam-vessels Bill was not at present before the House.

Mr. Hodges

said, that if the worthy Alderman made a speech in favour of the Bill, he should feel it necessary to reply to him.

Mr. Alderman Wood

said, that he had a right, if he pleased, to move as an amendment on the question, that the Steam-vessels Bill be now read a second time. He did not, however, wish to do anything of the kind; but he should like the Ministers to tell him whether they meant to oppose the Bill or not.

Mr. Poulett Thomson

said, that the worthy Alderman would know that when the discussion came on.