HC Deb 18 November 1830 vol 1 cc573-4
Lord Ebrington

presented a Petition from the Scot and Lot Payers of Dartmouth, complaining that all the inhabitants were not permitted to vote, though that right was given to them by a charter of Edward 3rd; but that the right was claimed exclusively by a Mayor, twelve Aldermen, and a limited number of freemen, making altogether fifty-one, of whom twenty-two only were resident. The petitioners prayed for Reform in the representation generally, as well as in their own particular case.

Mr. Cresset Pelham

knew, that some of the allegations in the Petition were founded in fact; he regretted that the ancient constitution had been so departed from, and thought the time was come when the people would not be contented without some species of Reform.

Mr. Holdsworth, the sitting member for Dartmouth, suggested that the Petition should be withdrawn, as it had a tendency to prejudge his case. His return had been petitioned against, and he was now on the eve of a ballot.

Lord Ebrington

said, he would withdraw it if the sense of the House was in favour of such a proceeding.

The Speaker

said, the noble Lord must use his own discretion. There was no objection to the Petition, except as to the time of presenting it.

Lord Ebrington withdrew it for the present.

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