HC Deb 18 November 1830 vol 1 c573

Petitions presented. For the abolition of Negro Slavery, by Mr. MUNDAY, from Derbyshire:—By Mr. TYNTE, from Bridgewater: —By General KINO, from Sligo:—By Mr. LITTLETON, ten from Staffordshire:—By Sir H. BUNBURY, from Ipswich and other places:—By Mr. EVANS, from Leicester:—By Mr. W. BROWN, from Killarney:—By Mr. TYRELL, ten from Essex:—By Mr. SCHONSWAR, from Hull:—By Mr. HODGSON, from New-castle-upon-Tyne:—By Mr. STRUTT, from Swanwick:— By Mr. FOLEY, from Kidderminster:—By Mr. CURTEIS, from Brighton:—By Mr. PENDARVIS, from Cornwall:— By Mr. SYKES, from Rippon:—By Lord G. BENTINCK, from Lynn:— By Mr. C. WOOD, four from places in Yorkshire:—By Mr. BINGHAM, from Barnborough:—By the Marquis of CHANDOS, five from places in Hampshire: —By Lord STANLEY, from certain Dissenters of South-port, Macclesfield; and the Dissenters of Church-town: — By Lord G. CAVENDISH, from Dissenters at Derby:— By Sir T. ACLAND, from Modbury:—By Mr. J. MARTIN, from Tewkesbury. By Mr. LITTLETON, from the Staffordshire Potteries, praying that the Trade to China might be opened, and that the Distress of the lower orders might be relieved, by the abolition of Monopoly. By Mr. D. BROWN, from the Town of Galway, praying that Roman Catholics might be put on the same footing with Protestants:—By the Marquis of CHANDOS, a similar Petition. Against the Truck System, by Lord E. SOMERSET, from the Wool Manufacturers of Gloucester:—By Mr. ROBINSON, from the Retail Traders of Worcester. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Roman Catholics of a Parish in Mayo, praying that the Grants made for the Education of the Poor in Ireland should be distributed according to the original intention, so as to be made to apply for the benefit of the Roman Catholics as well as Protestants. By the same hon. Member, from a Parish in the Town of Galway, for the Repeal of the Union.