HC Deb 18 May 1830 vol 24 c818

Accounts ordered. On the Motion of Mr. A. ELLIS, of the number of Persons convicted of Forgery on the Bank of Ireland between 1791 and 1830, distinguishing the nature of the Crime and the Punishment:—On the Motion of Mr. BERNAL, the quantity of Corn Spirits annually consumed in the United Kingdom since January, 1800, with the Rate of Duty each Year:—The quantity of Rum annually exported from the British West Indies since 1812:—On the Motion of Lord CLEMENTS, the number of Fines levied at Quarter Sessions in Ireland during the last five years.

Petitions presented. For abolishing the Punishment of Death for Forgery, by Mr. A, ELLIS, from the Magistrates and Clergy of Evesham:—By Mr. LENNARD, from a Congregation of Independents at Exeter; from certain Inhabitants of Ipswich; and from Tewkesbury:—And by Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from the Bankers of Margate and of Ashford. Against the Truck System, by Mr. SLANEY, from Shiffnall. For exempting Waste Lands from County Assessments, by Mr. H. MAXWELL, from St. Mary, Newton Barry. Against the proposal alteration in the Stamp Duties, by Mr. WALLACE, from the Letterpress Printers of Kilkenny. Against the Insolvent Debtors Bill, by Colonel LYNN, from the Inhabitants of Kidderminster. Against the Sale of Beer Bill, by Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from the Publicans of Tonbridge:—And by Mr. DENISON, from the Publicans of Working and Chertsey. Against the Administration of Justice Bill, by Mr. EGERTON, from the County Palatine of Chester. Against the renewal of the East India Company's Charter, by Lord G. SOMERSET, from the Iron-masters of Monmouth:—And by Mr. J. MAXWELL, from the Manufacturers of Staley Bridge. In favour of Poor-Laws for Ireland, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from Whitechurch and Garrocloyn. Against allowing the Cultivation of Tobacco in England and Ireland, by Lord BELGRAVE, from the Tobacconists of Chester. Against the Use of Machinery, by Mr. WODEHOUSE, from the Paper-makers of Norfolk. Complaining of the injury done to Trade by the Spanish Expeditions against Mexico, by Lord STANLEY, from the Chamber of Commerce, Manchester:—And by Mr. C. BUTLER, from the Merchants of Glasgow. Against the proposed alteration in the Spirit Duties, by Mr. T. KNOX, from Dungannon:—By Mr. V. SMITH, from the Members of the Chamber of Commerce of Tralee:—And by Mr. Mr. HUME, from the Distillers of Aberdeen.

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