HC Deb 18 May 1830 vol 24 cc829-30
Mr. O'Connell

presented a petition from Journeymen Silk-weavers of Spitalfields. The petitioners stated that there was too much money spent in building churches and palaces; that there was a German prince who had 50,000l. a year, and who ought to be contented with 5,000l.; they complained of distress, and said that their condition was worse than that of the negroes, and they prayed for the repeal of the corn-laws, for reduction of taxation, and for reform in Parliament.

Mr. Fyler

supported the prayer of the petition, and bore testimony to the sufferings of the petitioners. They were obliged to work sixteen hours a day, and that was not enough to obtain them the means of subsistence. It was a mistake to suppose that any improvement had taken place in the silk trade; and the petitioners complained, with justice, of the foreign competition and high price of provisions against which they had to contend.

Petition to be printed.