HC Deb 18 May 1830 vol 24 cc830-1
Mr. O'Connell

presented a petition from James Kelly, late lieutenant of the revenue police, complaining that he had been dismissed without trial, and praying the House to take his case into consideration.

Mr. G. Dawson

said, that the petitioner had been dismissed for claiming and receiving the reward for services which had never been performed. So far from having been dismissed without trial, the petitioner had been confronted with the witnesses, his case had been fully heard, and the charges had been completely proved against him.

Lord Clements

said, the petitioner had received so high a character from persons of the greatest respectability, that he thought his case ought to be reconsidered, at least the papers connected with the case ought to be produced to the House.

Mr. G. Dawson

said, that the petitioner had had every opportunity given him of exculpating himself, and that he had failed entirely.

Mr. C. W. Wynn

protested against that House being made a court of appeal for the reconsideration of cases already decided by the competent authorities.

Mr. O'Connell

said, that he knew nothing of the petitioner or of his case before the present occasion, but he had seen testimonials, the most satisfactory, as to his conduct, and all he was anxious to press upon the House was, that the case of the petitioner should be again revised, so as to give him the opportunity he prayed for, of bringing forward such proofs as would be sufficient to exculpate himself from the charges made against him. The offer which the petitioner made of bearing the whole charge of any further investigation was, he thought, a very fair one, and he hoped would weigh with those who had the power of granting a new inquiry.

On the question that the petition do lie on the table,