HC Deb 25 March 1830 vol 23 c846
Colonel Sibthorp

, in presenting a Petition in favour of the Selby and Liverpool Railway Bill, from the inhabitants of Lincoln, said, he availed himself of that opportunity to rectify an error which had gone abroad with respect to what he had uttered in the late debate on the motion of the hon. Member for Shaftesbury. That morning a letter had been put into his hands, purporting to come from a respectable inhabitant of London, and written under the misconception which this inaccuracy in his speech had naturally originated. He was represented to have stated that Mr. Jacob or Mr. Poole would have been roughly handled in the event of their trusting themselves in Lincoln. But such an innuendo he had never intended to convey. What he did really say was, that he regretted the noble Duke should not have had recourse to better means of obtaining information, before he depended upon such authorities for the price of Corn as Mr. Jacob, or for the price of Wool and Meat as Mr. Giblett. In noticing this misstatement, he could not forbear to add, that he had no reason to complain of the newspaper press generally. He should now postpone his notice of a motion for the accommodation of reporters, until Thursday, the 13th of May.

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