HC Deb 25 March 1830 vol 23 cc845-6

Mr. A. ELLIS moved an humble Address to his Majesty, requesting that the House might be furnished with a "copy of a Circular Letter addressed by Mr. PEEL to different Public Offices, in favour of the Society for superseding the use of Climbing Boys in the sweeping of chimnies; a list of Public Offices to which the same was addressed, and the number of Flues in each that have been swept by Hoys or cleaned by the Machine, since the date of the Circular: shewing also in which of such buildings, the Agents of the Society for superseding Climbing Boys, or Sweeps that keep Boys are employed." Agreed to.

A message came from the Lords, requesting a copy of the Report of the Committee of Inquiry on the case of Sir JONAH BARRINOTON; and a copy of the evidence on which the House passed the Bill for Disfranchising the Borough of East Retford.

The Lease of Lands Bill (Ireland) was read a second time. The Indemnity Bill was read a third time and passed. A Bill to regulate the Importation of Arms into Ireland was brought in by Lord P. L. GOWRR, and read a first time; as were a Bill to amend and consolidate the laws respecting Tolls, (Ireland), and a Bill to extend the powers of Grand Juries (Ireland) in the execution of the Act of 58Geo. 3rd, relative to Fever Hospitals.

Returns Presented. Annual Accounts of Public Expenditure. Consolidated Fund, Public Funded Debt, Un funded Debt, Dispositions of Grants, Arrears and Balances: —Also Accounts of Amounts paid in each of the last four years for Half-pay, and Retired Allowances; ordered, 8th February and 22nd March:—Also Accounts of the quantity of Spirits that paid Duty in each Kingdom, from 10th October, 1823, to 5th January, 1830, and amount of Spirits Distilled, and of Spirits exported to and from each Kingdom, and amount of Duty:—Also Account of Monies received in respect of Droits, and from surplus of four and-a-half per cent:— Account of Malt charged with Duty, and Malt made; the amount of Duties-paid in each collection of Excise in the year ended 5th January, 1830:—Also: account of Amount paid as Drawback on Malt under the Acts 1 and 2 Geo. 4. c. 82, Geo. 4 e. 94, and 6 Geo. 4 c.58; ordered 18th February:—Also Accounts of the number of acres of Land under cultivation of Hops, and of the Hop Duty for 1829; ordered 8th February:—Also Accounts of the number of barrels of Beer, exported in the year ended 5th January, 1830; the quantity made; of the number of Barrels exported in each year from 5th January, 1825, to 5th January, 1830; number of Barrels brewed in the year ended 5th January, 1830; and number of Brewers in Great Britain; ordered 8th February:— Also accounts of the quantity of Soap made in each town of Great Britain in 1827, 1828 and 1829, the quantity exported in 1828 and 1829, the duty repaid as Draw-back allowances mode to manufacturers of Silks, &c.; distinguishing the hard from the soft Soap and quantity exported to Ireland during the years 1827, 1828, and 1829; ordered 26th February:— Also Account of the contract prices of Bread and Meat from 1819 to the present time, so far as relates to the Commissariat Department; ordered 2nd March:—Returns of the establishment of the Commissariat on the 1st January, 1817, 1822, and 1830, and of all the Appointments and Promotions since 1828; ordered 12th March:—Also Accounts of the principal articles charged with Duties of Excise in each year from 1819 to 1829, inclusive, and the rate of Duty on each article; ordered 18th March:—The number of Passengers to and from Ireland by the Liverpool Government Packets; ordered l7th March:—Also, returns of unsettled demands on the funds provided by the Government of France for liquidating the claims of British subjects, and of the unappropriated balance of the Funds: ordered 18th February:—And the Annual Accounts of Trade and Navigation,

Petitions presented. Against the Renewal of the East India Company's Charter—By Mr. MARSHALL, from three different places in the Clothing district of Yorkshire:—By Mr. S. WORTLEY, from Wortley:—By Sir M.W. RIDLEY, from the Merchants and Inhabitants of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. By Mr. H. DAVIS, from the Licensed Victuallers of Bristol, against throwing open the Beer Trade—Referred to the Committee on the Beer Licensing System. By Sir J. WROTTESLEY from the Inhabitants of Stoke-upon-Trent, complaining of Distress:—By Sir W. W. WYNN, from Denbighshire, with the same prayer. By Mr. WAR-BURTON', from Bridport, for a reform in the Criminal Law:-By Mr. Alderman WAITHMAN from the Protestant Dissenters meeting in Worship-street Chapel, Finsbury-square, with the same prayer. By Mr. W. SMITH, from TRIVRTT ALCOCK, of Norwich, in favour of the Jews;— And by Lord JOHN RUSSELL., from the Letter-press Printers of Sheffield, praying for a reduction in the Newspaper Stamp Duty. The petitioners staled as their opinion, that if this Duty were reduced from 4d. to 2d., and the Duty on Advertisements reduced from 3s. 6d. to 2s. the revenue would be increased.