HC Deb 23 December 1830 vol 2 cc58-9

Mr. C. W. Wynn took the Oaths and his Scat as Member for Montgomeryshire.

New Writs moved for. For Berealston, in the room of Lord Louvaine, now Earl of Beverlcy:—For Bletchingly, in the room of Mr. TENNYSON, who had accepted the office of Clerk of the Ordnance:—For Bandon Bridge, ill the room of Viscount Bernard, now Earl of Randon.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Sir R. INGLIS, the number of Excise Licenses issued under the provisions of the Act of William IV. c. 64, distinguishing Counties and Excise Districts, and specifying also the number of Public-houses for the sale of Beer, Ale, and Spirits, and also for the sale of Beer and Ale only, licensed in the said counties and districts; also, of the number of Parishes in Ireland of which the Tithes are the property of Laymen:—On the Motion of Sir J. NEWPORT, a Copy of the Patent appointing the Judge of the Admiralty Court, Ireland, together with a copy of any regulations which he might have made with respect to the arrangement of the business of that Court:—On the Motion of Mr. S. RICE, the Copy of the Report on the Mauritius:—On the Motion of Mr. LENNARD, the number of Persons convicted between 1791 and 1820 of Forgery, distinguishing the number of executions, and the nature of the crime:—On the Motion of Mr. KENNEDY, the details of the Expense of the Mineralogical Survey of Scotland:—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, the number of English Clergymen employed abroad; the Sums paid for the support of Hospitals, &c. abroad: the Population of the Tower Hamlets, and of St. Marylebone and Pancras, Middlesex:—On the Motion of Mr. FYLER, the number of Convictions under the Game Laws between 1827 and 1830:—On the Motion of Mr. Alderman WAITHMAN, all Com, Grain, and Flour imported into Great Britain from the year 1SI.5 to the latest period, distinguishing that from Ireland and the British Colonies.

Petitions presented. By Sir R. INGLIS, from Galway, for the extension of the Elective Franchise:—By Mr. C. W. WYNN, to the same effect. For the abolition of Slavery, by General PALMER, from Norton St. Philips:—By Mr. C. W. WYNN, Mr. WILKS, and Lord E. Somerset, from various Dissenting Congregations:—By Mr. R. GRANT, from Musselburgh:—By Mr. G. PONSONBY, from Naseby: —By Mr. J. JOHNSTONE, from Dunfermling. By Mr. CHAS TENNANT, from St. Alton's, for the repeal of the Duties on Sea-borne Coals; and from certain individuals, for a Systematized System of Colonization. By Sir A. CHICHESTER, from Belfast, for the repeal of the Duty on Coals. By Lord E. SOMERSET, from Stow-on-the-Would, for the repeal of the Malt Duties; and from Cheltenham, for the repeal of the Assessed Taxes. By Mr. A. DUNCOMBE, from the Burgh and County of Kireudbright, for Reform in the Elective System of Scotland. Against the Repeal of the Union, by Mr. GEORGE PONSONBY, from Youghall. For a Reform of Scotch Burghs, by Mr. J. JOHNSTONE, from Linlithgow:—By Mr. KENNEDY, from Saltcotes, Ardrossan, and Stevenson. By Lord ALTHORP, from Wellingborough, for a repeal of the Malt Duty; and from certain individuals at Cork, complaining of abuses in the Corporation of that place. For the regulation of the Galway Franchise, from Parishes in Galway, by Mr. S. Rice and Mr. JOHN CAMPBELL By Lord J. RUSSELL, from St. Ives, for Parliamentary Reform.