HC Deb 07 December 1830 vol 1 c797

Lord ALTHORP, for Northamptonshire; the right hon. R. GRANT, for Norwich; the right hon. P. THOMSON, for Dover; F. T. BAKING, esq., for Portsmouth; and WM. EWART, esq., took the Oaths and their Seats.

The Regency Bill was brought down from the Lords, and read a first time. The Consolidated Fund Bill was read a third time and passed.

Bills for Amending the Laws relating to Turnpike-roads (Scotland), and to appoint Land-tax Commissioners were brought in.

Petitions presented. For the immediate abolition of Slavery, by Mr. BAYNTUN, from York:—By Sir H. PARNELL, from Maryborough, in the Queen's County:—By Mr. EVANS, from Melton Mowbray:—By Mr. TVRELL, from Braybrooke, and several places in Essex:—By Mr. J. JOHN-STONE, from Dumfermline:—By Lord HOWICK, from Arbroath:—By Mr. WATSON, from Canterbury:— By Mr. ORMSBY GORE, from a place in Caernarvon:—By Mr. WM. DUNCOMBE, several from Halifax and other places in Yorkshire:—By Mr. ADEANE, from Elm, in the Isle of Ely:—By Sir H. H. BUNBURY, from five places in Suffolk:—By Colonel WARD, two Petitions from Breconshire, against the continuance of Slavery. For Reform, by Mr. J. WOOD, from Oldham:—By Mr. S. LUMLEY, from Sutton cum Ashfield:—By Mr. J. JOHNSTONS, from the Corporation of Hammermen in Edinburgh. By Sir H. PARNELL, from the Queen's County, praying an amelioration of the system of Public Education in Ireland.