HC Deb 06 December 1830 vol 1 cc777-8
Mr. O'Connell

moved for a return of the number and names of persons who had been sent out in judicial capacities to the East Indies and the British colonies, from the 1st of January, 1801, to the present time, with the dates of their appointment, the amount of salary, and, as nearly as could be made out, the amount of their other emoluments, and the Bar, whether English, Irish, or Scotch, to which they respectively belonged. He called for this information, because he believed that, since the Union, there had been but three appointments from the Irish Bar.

Mr. Cutlar Ferguson

said, that in his knowledge of five Advocates-general that had been sent out to India, two were Irish. The only persons who had reason to complain (the Irish having a fair share in those appointments) were the Scotch. He repeated, though it was not generally so supposed, that no persons had more reason than the Scotch to complain of exclusion from judicial offices.

Motion agreed to.