HC Deb 30 April 1830 vol 24 cc320-1

The Lord Advocate moved the second reading of the Scotch Courts of Session Bill.

Sir Charles Forbes

gave notice, that he would propose an augmentation of 1,000l. a-year to the salaries of Scotch Judges. They were exposed, from their station, to great expense, and yet they were very poorly paid, considering the incomes allowed to English Judges. He enforced the necessity and propriety of this augmentation, and said he would use his utmost efforts to accomplish it. He merely spoke from the impulse of common justice, having received no communication on the subject from the learned persons themselves.

Mr. R. Gordon

pointed out the distinction between the duties of the Scotch and English Judges, which was greatly in favour of the former, from the better division of labour. He said, the salaries of the Scotch Judges were raised in 1810, when the articles of life were sold at very high prices, and they had so continued ever since. Considering the present value of money, and the labours of the Judges, he was convinced they were sufficiently paid.

Mr. Cutlar Ferguson

Ferguson was much obliged to the Lord Advocate for having introduced this Bill, and he hoped he would carry it through. In his opinion the Scotch Judges ought to receive an additional remuneration.

Bill read a second time; to be committed on the 20th of May.