HC Deb 16 March 1819 vol 39 cc999-1000
Sir C. Burrell

brought in a bill "for the preventing of bribery and corruption in the election of members to serve in parliament for the borough of Penryn, in the county of Cornwall." The bill was read a first time, ordered to be read a second time on the 2nd of April, and to be printed.

The Speaker

observed, that in former cases, it had been the practice to give previous notice of the second reading of a bill to all parties concerned. In later ones, however, the practice was, to submit the matter to a select committee of the House who directed notices to be served on such parties. In the Hindon case, the order of the House was, to disfranchise Certain individuals only; which order was accordingly served upon them, and not upon the borough itself. He only stated these circumstances, in order that the House might be aware of the nature of the present proceeding; and suggested, that possibly it might be advisable to direct the returning officer to serve similar notices, or affix them on public places in Penryn.

Lord Castlreagh

then moved, "That a printed copy of the said bill be served upon the Portreeve of the borough of Penryn, and that he do affix notice of the day appointed for the second reading of the said bill on the doors of the Town-hall and of the parish church of the said brought

Mr. Wynn

did not see the absolute necessity of the step proposed, but at the same time was willing to agree to any measure that argued a jealous regard for the rights of individuals.

Sir A. Piggott

thought it proper that all persons whose rights might be affected by the bill should be fully apprised of its provisions.

Sir C. Burrell

said, he entirely concurred in the proposed proceeding; more especially, considering the loss of time which would accrue upon the serving of notices on not less than 250 individuals, residents of Penryn.

The motion was then agreed to.