HC Deb 09 April 1818 vol 37 cc1228-9

On the motion of Mr. Bennet, a committee was appointed, to inquire into the state of the Police of the Metropolis, and to report the same, with their observations thereupon, to the House. The committee to consist of the following members, viz. Mr. Bennet, Mr. Abercromby, sir F. Burdett, Mr. Butterworth, Mr. F. Douglas, Mr. Holford, Mr. Lambton, lord Ossulston, sir S. Romilly, Mr. Sumner, Mr.Wynn, Mr. Davies Gilbert, Mr. Ward, Mr. Sheldon, sir R. Ferguson, sir T. Ac- land, Mr. Barclay, Mr. C. Galvert, Mr. R. Gordon, lord Lascclles, sir C. Monck, sir M. Ridley, sir J. Shaw, lord R. Seymour, Mr. Sturges Bourne, Mr. Lyttel-ton, sir J. Sebright, Mr. J. H. Smyth, lord Clive, and Mr. Waldegrave. The committee were instructed to inquire into, and report upon, the state of Coldbath-fields prison, Tothill-fields bridewell, and Clerkenwell prison.