HC Deb 05 June 1815 vol 31 c609
Mr. Wilberforce

wished to ask the noble lord in the blue ribbon, whether any arrangements had been made with Louis 18, relative to the total suppression of the Slave-trade, in the event of success in the present war against Buonaparté?

Lord Castlereagh

replied, that nothing should be wanting on the part of his Majesty's ministers to execute strictly the wishes of Parliament on that interesting subject. The present state of the case was most favourable to the accomplishment of that object; and he could assure his hon. friend that the subject had not escaped the notice of ministers.

Mr. Wilberforce

relied with the fullest confidence on the feelings of his noble friend, in his endeavours to suppress that traffic—nothing could be more satisfactory than his uniform concurrence in the attainment of that object.

Here the conversation ended.