HC Deb 10 March 1809 vol 13 cc265-6
Mr. Alderman Beresford

understanding that the noble lord (Folkestone) did not intend to prolong the order for the Call of the house till Monday se'n-night, withdrew his notice of a motion for rescinding that order.—Upon the motion of sir Charles Pole, a copy of the Charter of Greenwich Hospital was ordered to be laid before the house.—A message from the lords, announced their lordships' assent to the Irish Flax-seed Bounty Bill, and communicated their wish, that the Lord Advocate of Scotland should have leave to attend a Committee of their lordships, in order to state the practice which prevailed in Scotland with regard to imprisonment for civil debt, and the consequences thereof. The messengers having withdrawn, leave was given for the Lord Advocate's attendance agreeably to the application of the lords.—Sir J. Newport, adverting to the order of the day for the committal of the Irish Malt and Distillery bill, complained of the precipitancy with which Bills affecting Ireland were hurried through that house. This was a measure by which it was proposed to reduce the duty upon distillation, and ought not to be hurried through the house.