HC Deb 10 March 1809 vol 13 cc266-7
Mr. Huskisson

rose to move for the production of a Paper, which as it referred to the question to be discussed this evening, he hoped he should be excused in bringing forward without any previous notice. It had been sanctioned in the letter of general Taylor, and frequently referred to in the course of the debate, that each man raised under col. French's Levy had cost the country no less than 150l.; this statement had naturally excited surprize, and attracted very particular attention; but upon enquiry in the proper department, he found that the statement was very much exaggerated; indeed it was, in order to shew this house, that he was about to move for a Return of all the expences incurred by col. French's Levy; together with the number of men raised and gained to the service by that Levy. From this return it would appear, that the number of men which passed at the depôt was 219, after excepting those who had previously deserted, and those objected to by general Whitelocke, as unfit to serve. In addition to this number there were, according to the original conditions upon which the letter of service was granted, 45 Serjeants also obtained from this Levy. So that the total number gained to the service, was 204, of which the total expence, as reported to the War Office, was 11,800l.; but 800l. of this sum being disallowed, gentlemen would see, by calculating, that each man obtained by this Levy, actually cost the country but 41l. 5s., which, considering the bounty allowed at the time, and the difficulty of raising men for general service, would not be regarded with any such feeling, as the original statement upon this subject was calculated to excite. The hon. gent. concluded with submitting his motion, which was agreed to, and the Return was accordingly brought up.

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